First Post

Welcome! I’m a writer just starting out on my journey and I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.  Thankfully it sounds like most writers starting out also have no idea what they’re doing either, and as I’ve learned in architecture, pretty much no one has it figured out…ever. So I’m going to write some things, and post them here, and continue to work on my first novel, and hopefully somewhere along the way I will make something of this crazy roller coaster I’ve decided to throw myself on at the age of 33.

Side note:

I’m purposely keeping my real identity separate because for now this blog, and my associated instagram account, is totally separated from my personal life. It’s started as a way for me to privately have an outlet and explore this new identity without having the pressures or expectations or even unintentional criticism that comes when your friends and family are in on it. It’s also nice to just have something to myself for a change, since it’s impossible as a parent/spouse to have anything that is mine. Even the sanctity of the bathroom has been destroyed…

Head is in the clouds, but maybe I’ll find treasure up here while I’m looking around.

clouds pic

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