Infertile Dreams

My womb swells, finally full of life

After many years of strife.

This experience for which women weep

I’ve given much of my own grief.

For though our bodies are made to hold

Children, it is thought and told,

the secret of fertility is in its insecurity.

And mothers, we’re never sure to be

Though in my case unexpectedly

Happiness has come.

For what those who’re infertile know

Is life takes work to create and sow.

It doesn’t just happen when we plan,

But requires a lot of helping hands

To pull us up this rocky climb,

And catch us when we stumble each time.

Perhaps together we can hope to reach

Whatever lays atop this peak

And oh how we pray it’s a child’s cheek

To lay against our own.

To those still on this journey to

Motherhood, once sure and true,

who hate to feel their bitterness well

At the sight of another’s belly swell.

There’s anger, pity, crushing pain

For us who battle infertility’s shame.

If you hear of someone else’s God

who’s path you’ve clearly poorly trod,

Who’s promise you found to be a fraud,

Then Love to you my friend.

And my for you, a happy end.

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