Frustrations Collide

Frustrations run high,

Hands thrown in the sky,

Exclaiming WHY?!

Eyes seemingly blind,

Knowledge eluding the mind,

Searching endlessly to find…

Purpose… Belonging… Joy…

Are my eyes open or closed

Is this blindness chosen, or superimposed?

Ears plugged up, pinching my nose…

Ignorance often begets a whine,

But is it yours or is it mine?

Perhaps it is selfish, seeking to shine…

Clearly… Brightly…

But maybe that’s actually ok?

In space worlds twirl in opposite ways

Usually passing us by on opposite days…



Two asteroids colliding, HOLY COW!

Cats are fighting hear that MEOW!

Goodness gracious what a ROW!


The universe always seems vast enough,

Our intentions certainly pass fast enough,

Wars starting when we’re too crass and gruff…

Or Exhausted… Burt out…

Depression is a selfish beast,

Feeling stuck in a rut is quite a feast,

Gulping pity sounds like fun at least.

We blame others for faulty stars of our own,

Bargaining with “reality” to never be shown,

Our wings with which we might have flown.

Higher… Freer… Faster…

Gravity’s easy, rip off those blinders,

Stretch open arms, find ways to be kinder,

Unstopper senses, get out of that grinder.

Reach up to that sky,

Let your heart lift up high,

Believe you can fly…

… but never stop questioning “why.”

-HM Braverman

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