On Faith

Faith is something I struggle with, both what my own is, and how the faith of others impact me. So I thought I would use poetry to explore my feelings on it, and how my thoughts have grown on it over time.


My faith is not thine enemy,

to catch you in the night.

It does not seek to proselytize,

To tell you wrong or right.

My faith might be only for me

Though perhaps it speaks to you.

One must find their own beliefs,

Living life is how they accrue.

Your faith is not mine enemy,

Should I believe in God or not.

There might be heaven or a hell,

We might be forever caught,

In lives reborn or Karma’s clutch,

Or maybe we all dream,

The questions we ask, “what happens next?”

Are central for human beings.

But while we search up in the stars,

Our eyes focused on tomorrow,

Let’s not forget our questions

are all rooted in our sorrow.

It’s loss that drives us to understand

Where we may all go.

Belief is the closest thing we have,

To being in the know.

Our tears and joys, this earth we share

Underneath we are the same,

Let us not become divided by

Those stoking fear and shame.

We’re in this all together here

Our Eden is our earth,

Regardless, your belief or mine,

Should not define the other’s worth.

My beliefs are for my soul to hold,

And you have yours in kind.

Let’s lift each other up so that,

Together we can shine.

Your faith is not my enemy,

In fact it is my friend,

Hand in hand is how I’d like to walk

With you, marching toward our end.

– HM Braverman

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