Instagram – Author Platform Experiment Site #1

The first site I decided to join specifically as an author was Instagram.

This was a pretty easy split second decision as I already have a personal account and I can link multiple usernames to my account.

I don’t remember if my poems with my photos came first and I decided to post them there, or if I had seen other people do it and decided to try it out. This speaks more to the state of my memory as a parent of a young child than anything else.

I.e. I haven’t slept well in over 3 years.

But I digress…

I’ve found Instagram wonderful mostly because it gives me a multi-media quick output option for poems, photographs, and flash fiction (under 100 words).

Creatively it’s fabulous for those times when you only have 5-10 minutes to write and want to get something out, or are suddenly inspired by a beautiful photo or scene.

Capture, write, post, done.

This has also opened me up to a new love of poetry. I read an Emily Dickinson poem and was struck by how short and lovely they are and was inspired. Poetry and an Instagram account are great ways to practice putting your work out into the world without being “precious” about it. It doesn’t have to mean anything, and if you’re doing it under a Pen Name account then no one knows it’s you. There is no worry about someone you love or admire hating it, or worse not LIKING it. 👍❤️👏😭 Am I right?

It’s also a great way to figure out how to put your ideas out there quickly and concisely which is important no matter what writing you’re doing.

I’ve had my author account for three months now and have 80 followers. That may not sound like a lot but only one is someone I know personally and I only told her because she understands what I’m trying and why. 79 strangers have randomly found me through my work on Instagram and have decided they like it enough to follow me in just 3 months.

I personally think that’s awesome and I love reading and being inspired by their work as well.

Now for those of you who follow this blog and not Instagram, most of my poems (though not all) I also post here. So don’t worry that your missing out. 😉

You all also get stuff I can’t post there like information on my writer journey like this post. Which I hope is interesting or in some way useful, if only to let you know you’re not alone in your struggles to become a better writer and/or published author.

Next week (I hope because I’m really trying to start posting on a regular schedule) I’ll post about my experience being one month on Wattpad.

Hope this was helpful to you, please feel free to ask questions or give feedback.

Have a wonderful last week of July!

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