July Camp Nanowrimo Complete!

Woot! July Camp Nanowrimo is finished and I met my goal of 20k words on Sara’s Book!

I just got it in under the wire but I was able to knock out the final 2k words I had left today this evening.

It feels so good to reach a goal, even if it is self imposed.

Especially if it’s self imposed actually.

I have a bad habit of setting random goals for myself and not always attaining them, or worse, not setting them at all because I don’t want the limitations on me. I’m not sure why this has been different, maybe because I really really want to write this novel?

Or maybe it’s because it’s something which is an additive goal rather than a subtractive one? Like a diet is a subtractive goal, but writing is an additive one? I don’t know, I’m tired and rambling.

Anyway, if you haven’t checked out Camp Nanowrimo I highly recommend it for some external pressure and goal setting for your next writing project.

It happens in April and July. Regular Nanowrimo happens in November, and is stricter about what your goal can be I think. I haven’t done it yet.

But yeah, Camp is done, I made it, now I’m going to sleep.

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