Podcasts – The Worried Writer

So while the second podcast I started listening to was Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn, I’m skipping ahead to the Worried Writer by Sarah Painter because The Creative Penn is probably going to be a long post.

I heard Sarah Painter interviewed on the Creative Penn and just loved her interview so I decided to subscribe to her podcast.

Now, unlike Joanna Penn, The Worried Writer is not updated every week. It’s more of a once a month- every 6 weeks kind of deal, so I highly recommend (this goes for all of them really) starting at the first episode and working forward.

If you’re like me, you will be bummed when you get all caught up because honestly this podcast is so so so good!

For a beginning writer, and someone who suffers from some anxiety constant inner turmoil and questions like:

  • What am I even doing?
  • Why am I doing this?
  • Will this be a total waste of time?
  • Will I never be a great writer?
  • Is everything I’m writing complete crap?

You get the picture…

Sarah is fabulous at putting her vulnerable and anxiety ridden self out there to help us off the ledge. It’s refreshing to know that we are not alone in this constant suffering.

What is even better is that she is someone who has severe anxiety problems. And yet here she is, getting up, writing, podcasting, being a mom, getting shit done and being successful at it!

No offense to Sarah, but she makes me feel like, if she can get it done, I can too. Not in a, “you have no excuses if I’m able to do this”, kind of way, but in a, “let me hold your hand up this rocky climb because it’s going to take both of us,” kind of way.

Also, who doesn’t love a Scottish accent?

All of her interviews are great, but I highly recommend the interview with Emma Newman. Not only for writing, but also for just general help getting over those humps (mountains) of self-doubt we all face in our creative endeavors.

And frankly in our lives as well.

Sarah Painter is great at asking successful writers the tough questions we all want to know the answers to. These kind of questions are those that many successful people generally glaze over in their journey to success. It’s understandable that successful people don’t want to talk about all the times they failed, but it’s so necessary for those of us just starting out to have the journey demystified.

Sarah makes them get down in the muddy truth in order to help those of us struggling to climb out.

I definitely recommend The Worried Writer Podcast. I can’t wait until the next episode is up.

Five stars and a heart!


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