Podcasts – The Creative Penn

The Creative Penn Podcast was the second podcast I started listening to. I heard Joanna Penn interviewed on the Write Now Podcast with Sarah Werner and thought she sounded fascinating.

Joanna Penn has been an author-entrepreneur since 2008. She started her business while working full time, like many of us do, and left a very well-paying job to be a full time writer after several years.

As I understand it, her current income is at least double what she was making and is in the mid-six figure range. She has done this all herself and has the mindset that artistry and financial gain go hand in hand.

Her success alone would be worth following in her footsteps, but even better is that she has done that all as an Indy-author, who’s business is helping other authors.

I’ll be honest, it took me a little while to get used to her voice. She giggles A LOT, and at first I found that slightly off putting. Her backlist is also slightly daunting since she’s been doing this podcast for so long she has more than 388 episodes (as I write this) and does weekly updates. This is probably a good problem to have.

With those two things aside.

⭐️ Her podcast is fabulous! ⭐️

A few reasons why:

1. Her enthusiasm for the business and her work is contagious.

If I need a pick-me-up, her podcast is the one I go to for an upbeat, laughter-filled, episode. It also reminds me that she genuinely loves helping other writers, and disseminating information.

2. She is a futurist.

If you want to know not only what you should be looking for in a contract, either with publishers, agents, Etc. She not only gives advice for today’s pitfalls, but also potential future pitfalls as well. One of the reasons she is an Indy-author is because she understands the worth of her content and isn’t going to just hand it over for someone else to make money on.

3. She’s been doing this for 10 years and knows the tricks of her trade. In fact, she wrote the books on them.

Joanna Penn started and continues to literally write the books about how to be a successful Indy-author. Even if you don’t plan on being Indy (which honestly, if you’re not planning on that eventuality, your planning probably isn’t encompassing a very long timeline) her advice about mindset, what success looks like, the reality of today’s publishing markets, and how to market yourself as an author are reason enough to listen to her podcast.

4. The Interviews!

She has so many fabulous people on you can’t help but find endless nuggets of gold. She interviews authors, agents, publishers, lawyers, narrators, entrepreneurs, and more. If you’re looking for something specific, just scroll the backlist and you’ll probably find it. I got hooked on the next podcast I binge-listened to, The Bestseller Experiment, from their interview on The Creative Penn.

5. She is honest and open about the tough stuff and her dark side.

We all have rough times in creating, and we are all slightly afraid to explore our dark sides. But as writers and artists it is necessary to explore and push through the locked doors we keep this stuff behind. That’s what really makes our work stand out, and even better, meaningful to us. Joanna Penn freely selves into her own struggles, the struggles of her interviewees, and the enjoyment she gets from letting her dark side fly free in her art.

What more could you want?

I’ll confess to not having bought any of her books yet. I’m still working through all the story structure/writing books sitting on my nightstand.

I have a lot of draft posts currently waiting for me to review those books, so those will be coming in the future. But once I’m done with those, and I’m finished with my novel (current goal is September 2018 for a working first draft and EOY 2018 for a submittal draft) I will pick up a few of her books for when I hit the next stage of the game.

She’s definitely earned at least that much from me for all of the free content she offers.

The Creative Penn Podcast gets five stars and a skull, because that’s what she’d want 😉.


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