Writer In Motion – The Journey Begins

WEEK 1 – Introduction and Process

Have you ever wondered what the polished, published stories you read in books, magazines, newspapers, or anywhere else looked like before they were published? Have you ever been afraid to begin writing because you know the words you set down will read nothing like the gripping thrillers or beautiful prose you love to read? Writer In Motion is an attempt to pull back the veil and allow you to see twelve writers take a first draft to a finished product. During this week-by-week process we will:
    draft a short story (500-1000 words)
    revise on our own
    give and digest feedback from the other writers and two professional editors
    Revise and rewrite some more
    blog about our processes
    display our final stories

Who Are We?

We are twelve 24 writers and two 4 professional editors who have a wide range of experience in the writing and publishing field. Some of our writers are published, some have just begun writing, and most of us are somewhere on the the journey to our dream of being professional authors. Our editors each have a decade in the business and specialize in developmental editing. They are two of the amazing editors who donate their services to #revpit – a twitter contest run by @reviseresub.

Check out our participating writers!

KJ Harrowick | Jen Karner | JM Jinks | HM Braverman – THAT’S ME! |Melissa Bergum | Thuy Nguyen | Kristen Howe | Sean Willson | Paulette Wiles | Talynn Lynn | Ellen Mulholland | Kathryn Hewitt | Sheri MacIntyre | Jessica Lewis | Susan Burdorf | Stephanie Whitaker | Dawn Currie | Megan Van Dyke | SKaeth | Ari Augustine | Fariha Khayyam | M. Dalto | Sheryl Stein | Belinda Grant | Coffee Quills

Check out our participating editors!

Jeni Chappelle | Carly Hayward | Maria Tureaud | Justine Manzano

My Process

A quick introduction – you can find out more about me on my ABOUT page – I have been pursuing writing in a professional capacity for a year and a few months as of this post (May, 2019). The past year has been amazingly enlightening and I’ve read so much on the craft of both writing and editing that I’ve grown exponentially as a writer in the past 15 months.


I tend to be a “discovery writer” which basically means I see where the writing takes me with my first drafts. However, I do like to have some sort of loose outline of the path I take from beginning to end to give me constraints. That might be a prompt – like we are using for Writer In Motion – or I might write down a quick blurb before I begin, or once I’ve written the first chapter or two in a longer story.


Though it’s really tough, I really enjoy analyzing and editing my stories to craft a cohesive whole. First I create spreadsheets, beat sheets, character arc graphs and whatever else I can to make sure my story is working on a structural/developmental level. (This is usually for longer form stories like novellas or novels) Next, I go back through and work on my “showing verse telling” where I massage the more telling points so they disappear into the background and feel invisible. After that, I like to check the tone and dialogue of the characters to make sure they’re “on brand” with their personalities. Finally, I will go through and weave in more setting description and atmosphere. You’ll be able to see me do all of these different editing techniques during Writer In Motion, as well as see how I take into account feedback from others. I’ll even endeavor to do a spreadsheet for this short story as well. Check out some of my other short stories and poems on my site if you want to see what my writing is like. Some of my favorites are: Diamond Water The Beagle Golden Treasure

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