A serendipitous up-do that looks nothing like my hair

Hello and welcome to my author site!

As you’ve probably guessed, H.M. Braverman is a pen name.

In real life I’m a mom, wife, architect and designer I’ve got a wild and wonderful 4 yr old who keeps me on my toes when I’m not working or writing, and a dog who wishes he was a human.

I have degrees in Art, Anthropology, and Architecture – don’t ask why I like careers that start with A, I don’t know.

I started writing in my mid-30s (2018), and have found it an immensely enjoyable and frustrating endeavor. I’m always trying to get better at it, and like to try a lot of different styles/genres/age ranges etc, and many of my children’s books are inspired by my 4 yr old. I’ve written poems, short stories, novellas, non-fiction, and am working on my first speculative fiction novel.

You can find details about what I write on my writing pages, and you can find drafts of my work on Wattpad.

Thanks so much for stopping by!