Adult Fiction

Current Works

(Most are in progress – all are available on Wattpad @HM_Braverman)

Type: Novella

Genre: YA Satirical Dark Fantasy


Once Upon A Time, Good Omens, Monty Python, and Arrested Development had a back-alley three-way and birthed a fairytale.

Gerald wasn’t supposed to be stuck living seven centuries in the future. He definitely wasn’t supposed to be “mentoring” The Dark Lord’s progeny in the hopes that she would decide to save the world rather than destroy it. In fact, he wasn’t even supposed to be named Gerald (the name of every other male in his family for three hundred years), because everyone assumed a weak-chinned, balding, forgettable man, who was just a magician, could never be who Geraldo The Foreshadower prophesied. But that’s what assuming gets you, and here he was saddled with a fate he never asked for, in a time he didn’t know, surrounded by people he didn’t want to like, and he was out of Firewine AGAIN!

The Dark Heir is a darkly satirical tale of assumptions, anti-heroes, and apocalypses, where the road to hell is actually a themed water-park slide covered in slightly less urine than a real one.

It drops literary and film references faster than an NYC socialite drops names, and promises endless laughs – including, but not limited to, sad chuckles, guffaws, uncontrollable giggles at inappropriate moments, brays, barks, cackles, snorts, cachinnations, and the occasional howl (though that may be the Welsh Werewolves showing up unannounced).

Type: Adult Novel

Genre: Commercial Speculative Fiction


A world on the brink of chaos.

An ancient people, searching for salvation.

A genius, desperate for immortality.

One woman carries a secret which could save them all, if she has the courage to believe.


Type: Picture Book for Adults

Genre: Humor


In the vein of “Go The Fu*k To Sleep” now comes, PUT YOUR PENIS AWAY! (Please and Thank you).

This humorous Seussian “Kids Book for Adults” offers a peek into the world of parenting, and the daily struggles parents experience trying to teach their kids where it is, or is not, appropriate to play with their genitals.