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My current WIP is my very first novel

Genre: religious conspiracy mystery-thriller
An apocryphal text, a mythological clue, a genetic heritage – Could the key to immortality be hidden within our genes?
Sara has only ever wanted a family of her own, but her inability to conceive has driven her marriage to the breaking point. When she suddenly finds herself impossibly pregnant, she begins a quest to find the truth about her conception, but she’s not alone.
A mysterious group of “Watchers,” who have been waiting centuries for a woman just like her, are alerted to her condition, and they’re not the only ones. The information Sara unearths may threaten not only her life and beliefs, but set factors into motion that may threaten the continuation of the human race as we know it.
In a time of global destruction and tyranny, when the world is in desperate need of a Savior, could you believe you were the next Virgin Mary?
Sara’s Book is the first in a trilogy: A grail quest like you’ve never read before.

Other Adult Fiction Books


Put Your Penis Away! (Please & Thank You)

Genre: Kids Book For Adults
In the vein of “Go The Fu*k To Sleep” now comes, PUT YOUR PENIS AWAY! (Please and Thank you).
This humorous Seussian “Kids Book for Adults” offers a peek into the world of parenting, and the daily struggles parents experience trying to teach their kids where it is, or is not, appropriate to play with their genitals.