Children’s Fiction

My current works of children’s fiction include:


Harriet The Flamingo Series: Early Reader Picture Books for Ages 3-7 

Harriet Finds A Friend

When a new flamingo comes to town, Harriet finds herself feeling left out and jealous. Can she find the courage within herself to not only try something difficult and new but also make a friend in the process?
We all face fears of failure, and trying new things can be scary.  This is a book about acknowledging and overcoming those fears, being brave, and compassionate communication.  A timeless story both children and parents can enjoy together. 

Harriet and the Great Migration

When Harriet’s flock make the Great Migration to their new home, Harriet finds out the responsibility she thought she was ready for is maybe a bit more than she can handle.  
This is a story about building trust, knowing our limits, and trying again when we fail. A reminder for children and parents alike that increased freedom requires trust and faith alike.



Maury Stories: Rhyming Picture Books for Ages 1-4

Maury is a moose pup prone to getting himself into sticky situations, but with the help of his forest friends, and a little perseverance he always finds his way back home.


Only You Can Be You: A Rhyming Picture Book for Ages 1-4

“Only you can be you, outside and in.”
There are times when the world pressures us to be the same, or when being different seems a bit scary. This book reminds kids and adults alike that everyone is special, and the world is a better place with diverse friends. So love you for being you, and love your friends for being them.