Writer In Motion


Have you ever wondered how a piece of writing goes from the first draft to the final product?

Perhaps you were once like me – never thinking about the fact that the words I read on a blog post, in a magazine, or my favorite book didn’t come out completely and fully formed from the start.

It’s something which holds “aspiring” writers, or just regular people, back for years – this idea that the written word should come out cleanly formed, without typos.  Don’t “REAL writers” just write perfectly the first time?

The answer is a resounding, NO!

Writing is an iterative process, but it is often hidden away in a dark room, or hard-drive, never to see the light of day.

We see iteration in other design professions like architecture, engineering, industrial design, but our analysis of the written word is, from the first book read to us, an analysis of a finished product. Perhaps the problem is writing, or English with a capital E as many of us know it, is not taught like other design fields.

Make no mistake, writing – storytelling – is designing. 

I would argue that storytelling is possibly one of the hardest, most all-encompassing, and most rewarding areas of design I have ever practiced – and I say this as a professional designer with almost 15 years of experience in the areas of architecture, graphics, landscape, furniture, and interior design.

#WriterInMotion is a 7-week collaborative project with (now) 23 writers and 3 professional editors revealing the in-depth iterative process each participating writer goes through in crafting a short story from their first thoughts on the story prompt and their first, unedited, draft to their final product.

The process also involves three rounds of editing:

  • Self-editing.
  • Incorporating feedback from two other 22 participating writers.
  • Incorporating feedback from one of the three professional editors.

Here is our schedule so you can follow along:


You can follow along on each writer’s website, as well as on Twitter – just search the #:


Check out our participating writers!

KJ Harrowick
Jen KarnerJM Jinks
HM Braverman – THAT’S ME! 
Melissa Bergum
Thuy Nguyen
Kristen Howe
Sean Willson
Paulette Wiles
Talynn Lynn
Ellen Mulholland
Kathryn Hewitt
Sheri MacIntyre
Jessica Lewis
Susan Burdorf
Stephanie Whitaker
Dawn Currie
Megan Van Dyke
Ari Augustine
Fariha Khayyam
M. Dalto
Sheryl Stein
Belinda Grant

Check out our participating editors!

Jeni Chappelle
Carly Hayward
Maria Tureaud