Writer In Motion

Have you ever wondered how a piece of writing goes from the first draft to the final product?

Writer In Motion aims to lift the veil on the writing process!

#WriterInMotion is a 7-week collaborative project with (now) 24 writers and 4 professional editors revealing the in-depth iterative process each participating writer goes through in crafting a short story.

You’ll get to see each writer’s:

  • Drafting process
  • Story Analysis
  • Self-Editing Techniques
  • Incorporation of critiques and editing suggestions
  • Every draft – from unedited first draft, to polished final product

The process involves four rounds of editing:

  • Self-editing.
  • Incorporating feedback from two of the 22 participating writers.
  • Incorporating feedback from one of the four professional editors.
  • Final edits.

Writer In Motion 2020 Schedule

Writer in Motion 2020

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Week 1 – The First Draft

Writer in Motion 2019

Check out my posts from July 2019 below!

Week 1 – The Journey Begins

Week 2 – The Prompt

Week 3 – The First Draft(s)

Week 4Self-Editing – Analysis | Self-Editing – Draft 2

Week 5Thought Process & Research | CP Critiques & Draft 3

Week 5 – Professional Editing & Final Draft

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